Historic old St. Vital Church is being considered for demolition. Built in 1883, of short-log type of construction. It is the oldest RC church in Saskatchewan. It is one of only three buildings left in Battleford, other than Fort Battleford, that predate the Rebellion.

The church has been Town of Battleford property for more than 25 years. Other than the roof being repaired several years ago, it has suffered what can be called "skillfull neglect" to the point where the Town is considering demolition. It is the last remaining building in Battleford that is on the original Macdonald survey of the town.

A former parish priest, Fr F. Hirt, OMI, who died accidentally in 1880, is buried under the altar in the church. This historic building should also be on the list of endangered historic places.

Submitted by Ghislain (Gil) Bellavance of Battleford
Past Director of the Architectural Heritage Society

Image: Public Domain

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