Bill C-323 Moves Forward to Committee

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Bill C-323 Moves Forward to Committee

Posted by Built Heritage NEWS 24/03/2017 a message from Natalie Bull, National Trust for Canada

"Yes! Bill C-323, an Act to create tax incentives for the rehabilitation of Historic Property, passed second reading and will continue to Committee!

Thanks to your efforts and the letters written by many heritage supporters, MPs moved in the House of Commons today, March 23, 2017 to send Bill C-323 to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, an important step in making tax incentives a reality!

Take a moment to savour this historic milestone in the 40-year campaign to achieve tax incentives for historic places in Canada.

What's next? We still have work to do! Your continued support will be needed to ensure that members of the Standing Committee are aware that Canadian communities need the measures proposed in Bill C-323. 

Natalie Bull
Executive Director
National Trust for Canada

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