Ode to my Prairie Schoolhouse

Ode to my Prairie Schoolhouse

All the kids in my hometown attended our one room school. I remember the big picture of King George, the Union Jack, the maps, and the shelf of old books. There were lots of kids at the school at one time but not when I was there. We had one teacher for all the grades. I was the only student in grades one and two. Our music teacher came from another town. She taught us songs and gave piano lessons after school on Thursdays. There were only seven students at the school when it was closed. We were taken to another town by bus. No one liked that.

Many of my special childhood memories are connected to the schoolhouse. It seemed so grounding, somehow. I made lifelong friends there, one of them became my husband later on. I would like to see the school again and have those memories flood back. To bad that it burned to the ground in the sixties. No one knows why? I guess most people experience at some point in life the unsettling loss of a familiar place. Losing the opportunity to see the old schoolhouse again taught me that old places are an important part of our lives.


St. Valentine's Day has passed us by this year but we took the opportunity today to show a little love for Saskatchewan's historic buildings and sites. Why not send us a love letter to a heritage site that captured your heart? We'll post it right here.