About the Society

Saskatchewan's heritage of natural beauty, unique communities, and significant cultural traditions is a source of pride for those who live here. This sense of pride, place, and identity makes our communities strong and vibrant, and helps to attract and retain people and enterprise. Support for our heritage is important to ensure that future generations can learn from the past and foster a prosperous, vital province in future. The Society wants meanful preservation of Saskatchewan's architectural heritageOur job is public education and dialogue.
Growing concern about the loss of many significant historic properties in communities across the province led to passing of The Heritage Property Act of Saskatchewan 1980. Over 800 historic places have since been protected through designations under the Act through initiative of building owners and government. Parks Canada also has designated may national historic sites in Saskatchewan and administers important standards for the conservation of properties across the nation.
Concerned advocates and seven local organizations across Saskatchewan joined in 1987 to form an organization that could provide a provincial voice for preservation. The Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Society Inc. was incorporate in 1987. It’s original Charter called for public education and co-operation with other organizations and government.
Today, the Society publishes a weekly newsletter by email which is distributed to individuals, groups and professionals across Saskatchewan. ?

The Society hosts a website that provides a Directory of Heritage Professionals, our weekly NEWS Post, images of Saskatchewan's Historic Properties and Sites. The site also presents links to a History Built Brick by Brick feature and to an online archive of our now discontinued WORTH magazine.

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