What do we want?


The Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan is an ever evolving provincial program. It's charter mission, however, has remained the same since incorporation in 1987. We want preservation of Saskatchewan's built heritage.

Rehabilitation, stewardship and adaptive reuse of heritage properties contributes to environmental sustainability of communities through viable, continuing use of existing structures and the infrastructure that serves them. It offers attractively located and architecturally interesting properties that can be reused by developers or owners. It creates an attractive environment where people want to live, serves as a visual reminder of community history, and offers tourism opportunities by providing interesting, educational destinations to visit and photograph.

Saskatchewan’s heritage of natural beauty, unique communities, historic places, and significant cultural traditions is a source of great pride. This sense of place and identity makes our communities strong and vibrant, and helps to attract people and enterprise.

The Society has published newsletters and magazines since being established by its founding member organizations. Our new website continues this role. The internet provides many more options for public education and plays a significant role in modern life, especially among young people who may benefit most from our work today.

Members of the Society participate in adjudication of the annual Lieutenant Governor's Awards for professional excellence in rehabilitation of historic properties, in co-operation with Heritage Saskatchewan and Government House.