Government House, 4607 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, is one of 52 Provincial Heritage Properties. It was commissioned in 1888, after the Territorial capital was moved by the federal government to Regina from Battleford. It was completed in 1891. The building's heritage value lies in its use as the office and residence of the Lieutenant Governor of the Northwest Territories from 1891 to 1905 and, subsequently, the Province of Saskatchewan from 1905 until 1945. Its use as the office of the Lieutenant Governor was renewed in 1980.

Heritage value of the building also lies in its architecture. It was designed under direction of Thomas Fuller, Chief Dominion Architect from 1881 to 1896. The brick-with-stone foundation building exhibits a subdued Italianate influence as expressed in the segmented archways, low-sloped hip roof, ornate cornice and roof monitor, and the picturesque arrangement of the chimneys. The main entrance boasts a prominent porte-cochere, which remains the building's most defining feature.

Government House saw extensive expansion in 1928 when a ballroom and conservatory were constructed. Designed by Provincial Architect, Maurice Sharon, the addition enhanced the property's capacity for hosting social functions. Another addition occurred in 2004 when space for offices and a museum display were added to the building.

The interior of Government House features extensive decorative woodwork and use of numerous ornate fixtures. Also of value are the large ballroom and central double height reception area situated below a large skylight, central to the property's social function.

The late nineteenth-century styled gardens feature the use of treed borders to partition the property into parterres, as well as the use of trees and flower beds along the main driveway, giving the garden a formalized structure. The gardens were designed by George Watt in 1894 and were the first large-scale gardens in Regina.

Prominent gates on Dewdney Avenue mark the entrance to Government House, just west of Lewvan Drive in Regina. The building is open to the public certain hours of the week.