The Government of Saskatchewan has designated the historic Immigration Hall in Prince Albert as a provincial heritage property.

This significant heritage asset is linked to the immigration of new citizens into our province during the 1920s. It also refects the role of governments in helping newcomers become established here. The building was opened by the Government of Canada in 1929 and used as an immigration hall until 1938.

The brick building is the last remaining example of the 34 known immigration halls that were built in Saskatchewan during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. when it was converted into government offices. In 1995, the building became the Indian-Métis Friendship Centre and was later purchased by the YWCA Prince Albert Inc. in 2008.

“The YWCA values the historical importance of this building and was proud to nominate it for provincial heritage property designation,” Prince Albert YWCA Chief Executive Officer Donna Brooks said.  “The YWCA recognizes that the building stands as a landmark to our shared heritage and a symbol of our community’s welcoming of new immigrants and helping persons in need – past, present and future.”

Provincial Heritage Property designations help protect important places in Saskatchewan’s history for the benefit of all citizens.

Source: govsk NEWS Release of October 3, 2018  Image:govsk

The heritage value of 94 - 15th Street East also resides in its prominent architecture. Designed by the Department of Public Works, under the supervision of the Dominion Architect Thomas Fuller, the building reflects the architectural traditions of the time as is evident by the simplified classical design, with yellow brick and accented with Tyndall Stone, muted brick detailing, small cornice, and brick pilasters framing the doorway. Other historic architectural elements include the symmetry of the front façade with centered flagpole, the decorative brick arch-work around the windows on the front façade, and the prominent front entrance pavilion.

Source: City of Prince Albert Bylaw No. 15 of 2001

NOTE: We believe that Immigration Hall, Prince Albert is Saskatchewan's 54th Provincial Heritage Property. Over 800 heritage sites have been designated for protection by municipal and provincial governments since 1980. Heritage properties include schools, churches, warehouses, office buildings, homes, barns, bridges, grain elevators, monuments and landscapes.