Steinhubl's Masonry Ltd.

1675 Broder Street, Regina, SK S4P 2Z6

Steinhubl’s Masonry Ltd. has spanned three generations of dedicated Stone Masons and Bricklayers. It all began when Paul Steinhubl immigrated to Canada from Germany as a stuccoer and a stone mason. When his son, William Sr. was old enough, he was sent to apprentice to learn the bricklaying trade. Over the years, Paul and William Sr., worked on many projects in the Regina and the surrounding countryside ranging from block basements to stone cairns, a vast array of work. In March of 1984 Eddy and Willy joined forces with their dad, William Sr. This lead to the eventual incorporation of Steinhubl’s Masonry Ltd. As the years went on and our experience grew so did our firm. At peak times Steinhubl’s Masonry Ltd. has employed as many as 60 people. Today our work force is a group of dedicated people who take pride in there work and workmanship.  Steinhubl’s Masonry does all types of masonry projects ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and restoration.  Our previous projects have included brick fronts on residential homes, high rise condominiums, and state of the art schools. Steinhubl’s Masonry Ltd. is dedicated to supplying top quality work and apprentices to help ensure the future of the masonry industry is Saskatchewan.